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Written Works

For children, adults, and literary dogs


The Incredulous Adventures of Indy

Middle-Grade Fantasy Series of Five Books

Book One: Through Space and Time

Sci-Fi Fantasy


When an imaginative dog runs out of books to read, he follows his nose to an enchanted library only to get pushed into a magic book where he and his two best friends must save Earth from its doomsday. 

Book Two: The Mysterious Disappearance of a Not-So-Kindly Fellow

Mystery Fantasy

Sent Out to Beta Readers

When Indy gains the reputation of a story traveler, he and his best friends are transported to a Victorian island where he must overcome his fear of getting lost, or a vengeful spirit will steal his friends and his life. 

Insistent writer manages to snag a selfie with Indy before his next story-traveling quest. 

Book Three: Into the Deep

Adventure Fantasy


When Indy and his friends take on their next story-traveling quest, they fall into an Amazonian world, where they must stop a ringmaster from finding the fountain of youth and kidnapping animals for his nightmare circus. 

Book Four: Happily Never After

Fractured Fairytale

Outline In Progress

To come...

Book Five: The Legend of the Blue Wolf


Outline In Progress

To come...

The Forgotten Girl of Winter Hallow

Middle-Grade Fantasy 



When a lonely ghost breaks The Grim Reaper’s one rule, she makes a bargain to enter a reservoir of souls for her second chance at life, but it comes at a cost—her friends. 

Adult Works


Illustration by Alicia Schulze-Makuch

Inspiration for The Forgotten Girl of Winnter Hallow was taken from Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl. 

Alicia is excited to announce that she’s been working on two adult writing projects! One is an epic fantasy trilogy and the other is a paranormal crime novel. 


1. Her epic fantasy trilogy is full of bounty hunters, high-stake adventures, and inspiration taken from her love for fairytales from around the world. She started her epic fantasy before diving into middle-grade, but she wants all three books to work as one uniform piece. So, Alicia has decided to outline all three before continuing to write. She’s eager to share more once it hits her writing desk.

2. Her other adult writing project is a paranormal crime thriller that spawned from her love for monsters, Mad Men, dark humor, and 60s music. As she nears the end of writing the first draft, she’s excited to get it ready for the publishing world.  

If you're interested in any of Alicia's manuscripts, you can request it or its synopsis here: 

*Manuscript requests are reserved for memebers of the publishing industy.


Epic Fantasy and Paranormal Crime

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