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Alicia Schulze-Makuch

Restoring magic to our world, one story at a time.



Alicia Schulze-Makuch is an American author and artist that restores magic to our world, one story at a time. Originally from El Paso, Texas, she moved to Pullman, Washington, and later to Europe, and had the opportunity to be exposed to various cultures and their stories.

Storytelling has always been part of her life but having a learning disability hindered her from learning to read, write, and excel in most subjects until fourth grade. It was her passion for stories, paired with creating them, and some wonderful teachers that pushed her forward until she became a full-time storyteller. 

Alicia graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA from South Gate Creative Writing School in Denmark, where she was awarded a full scholarship, and subsequently hired by the school as the administrative and marketing manager. ​​


Her writing ranges from quirky fantastical middle-grade to adult fantasy, dark fairy tales, and paranormal crime. 

Her Writing


Alicia is writing a middle-grade fantasy series, The Incredulous Adventures of Indy. 

In The Incredulous Adventures of Indy, readers follow an imaginative dog named Indy, and his best friends as they journey through five magic books to restore imagination to our world and reclaim The Library of a Thousand Tales from Kilgara, the great dragon.

The first book, Through Space and Time, is a space adventure with Arthurian characters, dragons, and flying pancake saucers! She's already finished the second book in the series, The Mysterious Disappearance of a Not-So-Kindly Fellow, a monster-filled mystery. As for the third book, the Amazonian adventure is already outlined and on the writing desk.


Parallel to her series, Alicia has finished The Forgotten Girl of Winter Hallow, a middle-grade fantasy centered on ghosts, bargains with monsters, and the exploration of friendship and true happily ever afters.

Since there's always more time for stories, Alicia spends her extra time outlining the third book in her adult fantasy trilogy, with, you guessed it, more monsters and magic! And when the Moon is full, you’ll find her writing her paranormal crime thriller, and the occasional dark fairytale.


Oil Painting by Alicia Schulze-Makuch

Dog Days is a collection of Indy, a pup, who's as adventurous as they come. 


Some days, he's a professor, other days, he's a cowboy.


It may depend on how many cookies he'll get out of it.


Once Upon a Bear

Once Upon A Bear Final_edited.jpg

For more bear updates, magic, chaos, and food, find me here:

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Once upon a time, there was an extremely stressed author who was sending her books off into the publishing world and waiting for replies. While waiting, she picked up a hunk of clay and made a bear. Well, turns out having a bear smile at her made her feel better, so she made another bear, and then another bear.


Legend has it, she ended up with so many bears that people told her there were too many bears. So, after a long chat with the bears, they’ve agreed to reveal themselves to the world and spread some smiles.


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