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What watercolor brand should I use?

A Reeves watercolor review.

So I decided to do a little review of the watercolor brand Reeves, not commercially, but instead, I`d like to give other watercolor artists some advice on which brand to use. There are so many watercolor brands that deciding can be daunting. You want good paint, but you don`t want to pay a fortune for a tiny container of watercolors. So here are some pros and cons, hope it helps!

A poster I made for the creative writing school I'm going to: The South Gate Society


-Reeves is affordable, especially if you`re a student. You get your money worth for the amount you pay.

-The colors are so vibrant! Sometimes cheap watercolor squares seem rather dull…

Texture! You can get so much texture!

-You can easily cover up your mistakes, kind of like acrylics. Sometimes, I know I make mistakes using watercolor and ugh...the whole painting is ruined.


-You run out of paint reasonably quickly, I know I do, especially if I`m going for a textured piece. Generally, I always run out of white, that can be a little annoying because one tube is sometimes more expensive than just buying another set of paints.

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