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Top 6 Best Picture Nominees

There are literally over a hundred amazing movies that were nominated for Best Picture, but unfortunately didn’t win, that I could choose from, and it’s impossible to list them all, it would be too long of a list, plus there’s many that I haven’t seen. Here are just a few of the movies that if you haven’t seen, you should see! What are some Oscar-nominated movies that you think people should see?

1. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

Though this movie isn’t a nominee (I’m already breaking my rule. It won Best Picture); but only some people seem to know about it! This movie is phenomenal and has been rated as the best war film ever made. It doesn’t focus on the fighting of WWII, but instead on how Veterans have to return from war and re-enter civilian life. The movie follows the lives of three veterans each having their own battle to fight: a loveless marriage, PTSD, and family acceptance. It’s beautifully made with heartfelt emotion depicting the horrors of war and the beauty of friendship.

2. Born of the 4th of July (1989)

Born on the 4th of July is literally the type of movie that punches you in the face, and the gut, and the heart. It’s a terrific movie, besides the soundtrack (which in general is fine, though some scores really take away from the movie). This movie sadly gets forgotten when people talk about war movies, and many people didn’t like it, because it revealed the real horrors committed during the Vietnam War and the effects it had on America’s young and patriotic men. It also reveals how the U.S. government failed to support its veterans, and it critiques American nationalism. It’s a movie that after watching it, always stays with you, and there are just some scenes that are so powerful they’re forever seared in your movie mind.

3, Fargo (1996)

Fargo is a black comedy-crime drama that’s based on real events in Minnesota/North Dakota. A failed car salesman hires two goons to kidnap his own wife and hold her for ransom, until… things go horribly wrong. This is unique, and a hilarious movie, that, and its Netflix spin-off deserve all the love. Towards Fargo, I’m biased, because it is one of my favorite movies and TV shows. For us dark humored people, there’s not much out there, but this movie from its great dialogue, insane story, humor, tension, and visuals creates a movie that if you’ve never seen a Coen-Brother's film, it will be a whole new experience for you.

4. The Green Mile (1999)

The Green Mile is one of the most beautifully tragic movies I’ve seen, and I truly believe that Michael Clarke Duncan not getting an Oscar is blasphemous (a huge snub). In case you don’t know about this movie, it follows Tom Hanks, Paul Edgecombe who works on The Green Mile, aka death row. While working there, he meets John Coffey, Michael Clarke Duncan, who is accused of brutally murdering and raping two little girls. It is later that Paul Edgecombe discovers John Coffey’s supernatural gift. This is an original story that we haven’t seen before, and in a world of reruns it’s hard to find a movie that’s fantastical, has a darker tone, but is still filled with beauty.

5. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Pan’s Labyrinth wasn’t a runner up for Best Picture, but instead for Best Foreign film. Though this movie isn’t even that old, many people have never heard of it. It’s a movie which expertly mixes horror and fantasy to create and complicated an emotional dark fairytale. The movie follows a young girl, Ofelia, in fascist Spain, who is trying desperately to escape the horrible realities of her life and war. She’s visited by a faun in the darkness of the night, who will allow her to journey to a fantastical world with her younger brother if she is to fulfill three tasks…The movie resembles a moving painting with its visuals, there’s great acting from the whole cast, especially the child actress, and a unique fairytale plot that is a must see, especially if you love fantasy.

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Now most movies on this list are very emotional, and though The Grand Budapest Hotel does have tragedy underlining its ending, it is a movie that will make you laugh all the way through it. It follows, the lovable Zero and his life as a lobby boy with the ever infamous Monsieur Gustave, who get caught up in art theft and a murder mystery only to form an amazing friendship. The viewer follows their story to see how The Grand Budapest Hotel fell into the poor foreigner’s, Zero’s, pocket. The Grand Budapest Hotel has a masterful soundtrack, an amazingly vivid color palette, and is a movie that has so many unexpected twists and turns that its joy to watch again and again.

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