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Top 6 Adult Horror/Halloween Movies!

Keep in mind these are all subjective opinions. There’s not really a specific order in which are better or worse, all are great and may or may not be more for you depending on your taste.

1. The Silence of The Lambs, R

Gear up for a spectacular movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the end. It’s no wonder it won the Best Picture in 1991. The performances by Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster bounce off each other and seem as real as they are terrifying. The difference between this movie and many other great crime/thriller/horror movies is the way its shot. The camera shots are up close and personal between characters, which often makes the viewer feel as if Hannibal Lector is speaking to them. Other scenes also display this technique, for example the autopsy of a victim. It feels real and as if you’re there.

Let’s talk about Hannibal, whereas Buffalo Bill is simply terrifying, in the very beginning, for someone who expected Hannibal to be scary in the introduction scene, we as viewers are surprised to see him calm, composed and somewhat gentlemanly. The fact that Hannibal for the significant part of the movie is helping hand to Agent Clarice Starling, helps up the shock factor when we see the real him revealed. We’re shocked and appalled with ourselves for thinking “Oh, well he’s not that bad.” It’s a movie you’ll never forget.

2. A Quiet Place, 2018, PG-13

It is 2020 a family is struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity has been killed off one by one, by creatures with hypersensitive hearing and unbreakable skin. Not only does this movie introduce talented new actresses/actors to the acting world, but it’s the film’s use of sound that already makes it a big contender for 2018’s Oscars. A Quiet Place’s use of sound makes the audience much more engrossed in what’s going on in each the scene, adds ten-folds of tensions, and makes us scared at home when our clumsy- selfs drop a pot.

3. The Exorcist, 1971, R

A horror movie from 1971 and said to be based on true events; The Exorcist still has its skills to impress. The story follows a young girl, Linda Blair, who has begun to act oddly, and not without her mother noticing. As things become more supernatural, her mother enlists for some help, but whatever she does, nothing seems to work. It is not until a priest visits and is certain that the devil has ensnared the young Linda Blair…

4. Get Out, 2017, R

A horror movie with several awards under its belt, most notably, 2017’s Best Original Screenplay and its nomination for 2017’s Best Picture; this movie still has fans talking about it. What's the story? The main character Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, have been living happily together and the time has come that Rose wants to introduce Chris to her parents. Chris agrees, though nervous about how her parents will react to their interracial relationship. It’s not until several disturbing incidents occur that Chris realizes that not everything is as it seems….. and not everyone is who he took them to be.

5. The Wicker Man, 1973, R

Older, but still a gem is what they call it. Curious? The main character, Sergeant Neil Howie journeys to a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. It’s only on the island that he realizes that something is utterly wrong with the residents of that island. Their traditions, including worshipping pagan Celtic gods, curing sore throats by putting a frog in their mouths, and sacrifices all seem horrid to the very christian Sergeant Neil Howie. He doesn’t yet know what exactly he has got himself into.

6. Mistress in the Dark,1988- PG, Britain-15 and up

Now after all those serious movies, it’s time for something less so. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is a Horror comedy. It centers on Elvira a T.V. show hostess of horror show, who recently leaves the production and moves to an inherited mansion from her mother. However, the town is not pleased by her bombastic ways/indecent dress code and so attempts to exclude her from their town. Through a series of hilarious mishaps of Elvira trying to find her way in this new life, she comes across a spell book from her mother. It turns out that her uncle is also searching feverishly for the same book and it seems that the battle of the wits has only just begun.

With so many fantastic movies some get lost in the mix, what are your favorite horror/Halloween movies?

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