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Stranger Things: Season 3 Spoiler Free Review: Nerds, do you Copy?

That's right; it's out. We have been gifted with the third season. Did you spend all night, binge-watching, no? You have self-restraint, well, I don't, here's a review from my nerdy-self to you. Enjoy!

My Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

The third season of Stranger Things is a fast-paced continuation of the second season’s plot, while still adding enough twists, creatures, and character development to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans of the series will enjoy the newest happenings of the Upside Down, keeping viewers, in suspense and with chills creeping up their spine as they binge watch it all in the middle of the night. The characters are paired in dynamic and extremely entertaining teams while giving viewers new friendships, and some lovable recruits to the gang. Season 3’s tone is different than those before it; it is darker while still having plenty of humor to balance it (at some moments, I would say the humor took away from serious moments for me). However, the humor doesn’t overshadow the coming of age story, where the kids are growing up, and with events happening, are even a little forced to grow up and save this imperfect world. The series remains heartfelt, even in regards to new character’s, and the future of many old characters and the changes they must endure. Whereas, I did thoroughly enjoy watching the latest season and loved the new additions to the gang, some aspects of the season could have used more development. Most of the issues that needed to be resolved, was more from the antagonists and their motivations, along with some fix-ups on certain hiccups in the plot, but I’ll get into details in the Spoiler review. Overall, it’s a fun romp, with loveable characters, and if you’re a fan I recommend you watch it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Stay tuned for the spoiler review.

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